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The PERCS Index Inc. has been providing bar code based, database programs to their rapidly expanding customer base since the late 1980’s. We develop evidence tracking control programs and software for police and law enforcement agencies.
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PERCS BarcodesOverview

Bar codes are simply a way for machines to read numbers and letters. Our numbers and alphabet are converted into vertical bar combinations. This ensures quick, accurate and consistent results.


Scanners are the "eyes" of the system. They emit a bright red laser light. The wands or pistols are designed to see across a complete barcode at once. It takes the scanner less than a second to get an accurate read. Just like the grocery store checkout scanner, they beep their approval in an instant.   

The Tracker series uses "code 128" barcode format that allows encoding both numbers and letters (see picture below). On the other hand, if you look at the barcode on your cereal box or other grocery item, you'll see a row of numbers at the bottom. This is the information that is "coded" in the bars - in this case the "Universal Product Code" (numbers only).

Also included in a barcode encoding is check digits so that the reader can verify it has seen the complete code.

In Evidence Manager, the evidence label encodes the file number and the item
number. The evidence description is not encoded in the bars but is instead referred to in the associated databases. It’s like the barcode is a key to open the file's door where all the related information is stored.



The advantage of barcodes is speed and accuracy. In the case of inventory, the differences are dramatic. With a manual inventory, only a few dozen items of evidence can be checked in an hour, usually with 2 people.

With Evidence Manager, you use the Portable Data Terminal. You simply read the location barcode, then all the barcodes in that bin. One person can do hundreds in an hour!

When you are done, simply connect the portable to the main computer and download the data. The computer will then do a complete cross-check of all evidence. You can then print an exception report.

File Tracker and Equipment Tracker identify each person and item with a barcode. Two quick scans to "sign" anything in or out. It's faster than a signature and legible! And it includes time, serial numbers, and more...


Barcode Sample


barcode-label Asset Manager
Labels are manufactured from a synthetic material for durability. Information on the label includes the asset description and serial number, if applicable.
bar-code-label Equipment Tracker
Labels are manufactured from a synthetic material for durability. Information on the label consists of the Bar code and equipment description.



Evidence Manager
Two different styles of labels are available and information includes the case file number, item number and description, name of the police force and optionally, the member's name, badge number and date of the seizure.
exhibit-barcoding File Tracker
The label information consists of the case file number in bar code and standard printed formats.
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